Is winning the Super Bowl a big deal?:

What are the effects on a franchise’s revenue after winning the Super Bowl. I am looking to see how location and time affects the levels of sales for each respective NFL team. For how long are sales above average for a team following a super bowl win? Now how long is this true on the East Coast versus the West Coast?


Summary and Sources:

After winning a super bowl, many teams give their coaches larger contracts.

Many times, offensive or defensive coordinators are offered head coaching positions at other team because of their success with their previous teams.

Broadcasting rights also gives a significant cash flow to the teams in the super bowl.

Other effects of winning a championship also include: the ability to sell tickets for a higher price, consistently fill more stadium seats and suites, sell more concessions, and charge more for sponsorships.

After a championship, news coverage on the team spills over into the city, bringing more tourist interest. This boosts the cities econony enoromously.


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